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Production Technician

McGraw Hill Education

​Columbus, Ohio

From November 2014 - September 2018, I was contracted to the Content Production Services Team of McGraw Hill's prestigious Digital Production Group, I supported the registration of instructional content for student and teacher targeted digital products. I worked closely with Agile teams consisting of platform engineers, academic designers, and product sponsors to define new content models and workflows, overcoming obstacles to ensure that the needs of content registration are met.

I relied on my expertise with various content development tools; Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Inkling's Habitat, as well as McGraw Hill's own proprietary tools; CMS, ROSES, ConnectED, DAL, Courseware, and the DLE. I worked with JSON, XSLT, and XML data structures and often used FFMPEG, iMacros, and other utilities to manage content.

Click this "Behind The Scenes" video that profiles one of the many educational products I contributed content management on.

"I had the great pleasure of working with and managing Trane as part of my team for over 3 years. I initially hired Trane as our company embarked on a major transition in online learning platforms. His task was to “dig in” learn the new software, train our team and by extension train others in the company. This required a massive amount of self-learning on his part.

What I really appreciated is that he could take the basic directions “learn this” and then come back with something really exiting where he would use the tools he learned to present the training. In addition, he has the capability of making people truly feel comfortable learning new things.

I only hire self-starters who can bring to the table, skills, knowledge and most importantly the ability to adapt and learn. Trane fit that mold perfectly and exemplified that mode of thinking throughout his tenure at McGraw Hill Education. Trane is one of those highly adaptable individuals who could thrive in many different environments requiring a wide range of skills and learning."

- Paul Campagnoli Digital Production Manager McGraw-Hill Education

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